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What is the School Lunch Project?

The School Lunch Project is a model which links with the local agricultural sector; and provides a ‘scalable’ place-based approach in a school setting to enhance Tasmanian school children’s food security, access to local nutritious food that supports their concentration and learning at school. Currently we are delivering this program to 4048 students in 30 schools state-wide. This equates to 7468 lunch serves per week and a total of 269,137 serves per year. In 5 years our goal is to be feeding all Tasmanian school students.

This project is funded through the Department of Premier and Cabinet. It is supported with dietitian expertise from the Department of Health and operational support from Department for Education, Children and Young People. It is delivered in partnership with Loaves and Fishes Tasmania, and school food service staff.

Is your school participating in the School Lunch Project?  Click below to access Meal Guidance for Schools.

What is the impact of the School Lunch Project?