School Food Plans

What is the purpose of a School Food Plan?

To consider all the different ways food is served and eaten in the school setting and provide consistent messaging about food and eating to students, staff and families.

To document the agreed ‘Whole School Approach’ that a school community has to food provision and eating at their school.

To document the relationship between nutritious food and the wellbeing of children.

To assist in creating a positive school culture, which can improve students’ academic performance, health and wellbeing.

Food In Schools

Food throughout the school day can come from all or some of the following:

Creating a School Food Plan

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The School Food Plan Toolkit – Templates and Resources

These resources can help you create your own School Food Plan.

School Food Plan Checklist

A good starting point for individuals wishing to initiate the process in their schools 

School Food Plan Group Audit

A guide to help schools assess and capture the current state of their school environment.  The questions are designed primarily for a collective of school staff / community members to work through. 

School Food Plan Policy template

To assist with the creation of a framework documenting the school’s ideals for feeding children well at school, which can be shared with the school community.

School Food Plan template

A one page summary template identifying the school’s vision for feeding children well at school as well as the schools’ barriers and enablers to this.

School Food Plan Example

Existing Curriculum resources for food at school

For general reference

For further information or assistance with your School Food Plan, please contact us:

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School Food Matters in partnership with the Department of Education have developed the School Food Plan resource for schools.