How to get started


Step 1.
Contact School Food Matters on (03) 6223 8023 or email to arrange a visit by a SmartFood team member in your area to meet with the Food Service Manager, Principal, SEO and MWEW coordinator, where possible. The four areas of the SmartFood Program and how it links to the whole school will be explained at this meeting.

Step 2.
Commence self-assessment by completing the School Canteen Checklist .

Step 3.
Provide a copy of your current menu to the SmartFood Program team member. This will provide a solid starting point for discussion on the SmartFood Program process.

Step 4.
Have a read of the SmartFood Guide to help you begin the accreditation process.

Step 5.
Make sure that your canteen is registered as a Food Business with your Local Council.

Remember that we are there to support you every step of the way!