There are many reasons why people volunteer to help in the canteen. These may include:
• contributing to, and being part of, the school community
• giving something to the school
• learning about food and nutrition
• increasing knowledge and skills in the areas of cooking and food preparation, food hygiene and safety, nutrition, customer service and cash handling
• making new friends and enjoying opportunities to socialise with other family
members at the school.

Coordinating the Volunteer Program
The School Food Service Manager plays a vital role in the coordination and management of the canteen’s volunteers. Volunteers can be parents, grandparents, people from the wider community and students. Some schools allow their students to volunteer at the canteen. It is very important that students comply with the Environmental Health requirements at all times.

Please look at the Management section of the SmartFood Guide for strategies on how to recruit and retain volunteers in your canteen.

Volunteers Flyer