Product Assessment

School Food Matters uses the Tasmanian SmartFood nutrient criteria to assess food and drinks as GREEN, AMBER or RED. The criteria are based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Many GREEN foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, rice, pasta, lean meat and reduced fat dairy do not need to be assessed. These foods should make up most of the canteen menu.

Commercial foods are often higher in energy, saturated fat, sugar and/or salt. They are assessed against a set of criteria to decide where they fit in the traffic light system. You can find the SmartFood nutrient criteria here.

Products that are assessed as GREEN or AMBER are included in our product guide. This is updated biannually (for Term 1 and Term 3). It is distributed to all schools and is also available online.

Companies who would like their products assessed by our dietitians must become corporate members. Products that are classified as GREEN or AMBER will be included in the next available product guide.

For further information about the Tasmanian SmartFood nutrient criteria or product assessment, please contact us .