Policies and Regulations

Healthy Eating or School Canteen Policy
A Healthy Eating / Canteen Policy statement will provide direction for the development of the canteen and for the work of canteen staff. A template for a Healthy Eating/Canteen Policy is here.

Canteen Guidelines and Procedures
The canteen guidelines and procedures document the operation of the canteen. It should cover aspects such as:
– canteen committee members – roles and responsibilities
– operational hours
– financial management options, including pricing, stock management, accounting and reporting issues, canteen equipment
– canteen management, including canteen staff/employment, volunteers, staff training
– the menu
– food safety and hygiene
– occupational health and safety.
School canteens are food businesses. Under the Food Act 2003 Tasmania they must comply with the Food Standards Code. Children are particularly vulnerable to food borne illness and as a result school canteens must operate at best practice in providing safe food. A template for a Canteen Guidelines and Procedures Form is here.

Food Safety Requirements

All foods must be protected from contamination. There are three categories of contamination:
Physical contamination
Chemical contamination
Biological contamination

Please see the Food Safety section of the website for further details.